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Kapitonova Elena Anatol'evna, Associate professor, department of criminal law, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia), 

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343.34, 34.096 




Background. Violation of public order in the aircraft during flight is a common and extremely dangerous to the health of passengers and crew act. At the same time in the Russian law there was no provision establishing the responsibility for such acts. The objectives of the work is to learn the new legal provisions in this sphere to generate proposals for amendments to the legislation.
Materials and methods. The author used the method of dialectics as a general scientific method of knowledge that allows to study the phenomena and processes of reality in their historical development, as well as private-scientific methods (formallegal, comparative legal method and system analysis).
Results. The content of the law articles on criminal liability for hooligan actions on board the aircraft is considered. The legal basis and procedure for the compilation by airlines of black lists of passengers have been analyzed. Guarantees of citizens rights under the maintenance of the register of persons whose air transportation is limited are allotted. Deficiencies in the legal regulation in this area have been identified. It is proposed to introduce a number of changes to the Air Code of the Russian Federation with a view to strengthening the preventive impact on potential offenders.
Conclusions. Formulated in the study theoretical propositions are aimed at elaboration of recommendations on improving the Russian legislation and are able to raise the level thereof. They can also be used in academic activity and in the educational
process of higher professional education establishments of law sphere, and in upgrading qualification of practical staff and scientific-academic personnel in the sphere of jurisprudence. 

Key words

disorderly conduct, transport security, aircraft rowdy, transport safety, black lists of passengers 

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